New Pantry

Hello friends! This blog post is so over due and I apologize for not getting it out sooner. I finally decided to just sit down and get it done. YAY! Summer has been flying right on by and I cannot believe August is almost here. I hope you all are having a great summer and enjoying it with friends and…

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New Farmhouse Style Wall Light

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Good morning buddies. How was your week? I had a great one and even took some time to style up my new pantry hubs created. Very soon I will share it with you but I want to finish up a few loose ends like labeling some things. Thursday was my birthday and turning 29 (again) is always fantastic. What is…

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Half Bath Makeover

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Howdy howdy friends! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and spent much time with family. Or did you work on projects and accomplished them all? Either way I hope it was great. Let me start off by saying I received some sad and shocking news on Friday evening. One of my kindest, sweetest client passed away just two…

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DIY Olive Tree Topiary

Here I am back at another DIY project. I am so crazy busy with work stuff but yet I have to find sometime for myself, right! So I am so excited to finally make something I have been wanting to try for awhile now and better yet I am going to teach you! I mean after all you're my favorite…

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Friday Favorites

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Happy Friday friends. I thought it would be fun to periodically do a segment called Friday Favorites. It will be a total mix of random things and not always home decor related. I find the more we share things we love the more we learn about new things, right! In turn you may even learn something new about me. I would…

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Fall Decor Tour and Tips

Hello my friends! You have asked and I promised to deliver. So, today I am sharing how I brought simple touches of fall decor in my home.  I crave simplicity so my go to pieces for fall this year are mostly pumpkins. Also, some plaid and buffalo check patterns, wheat and other fall foliage and some cute signs here and…

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World Market Friends and Family

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Happy Friday friends! Who wants to come shopping with me? I just wanted to pop on quick and tell you about the Friends and Family sale at World Market.  If you are like me Ms. bargain hunter this is a great one you won't want to miss. It is only valid Oct 5-8th, 2018 so you don't have much time. I…

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Fall Decor Inspo

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Hey friends fall decor is in full swing these days. So today I am popping on quick to share some great fall finds I came across last week. Along with some decorating tips for fall decor. I started decorating for fall last week which I explained in my last post. I keep it pretty simple with a few things here…

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Pine Cones

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Happy Friday! Hey friends I hope you had a fabulous week and look at that its Friday, already! Fall is here and I love the crisp fresh air it brings into the home. I still open my doors and windows each day because there is nothing better than the smell of that fresh air, right! We even sleep with our…

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DIY Buffalo Check Stand

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Sharing some love! First off I want to start by sharing this photo. It was submitted by one of my dear friends and follower who enjoyed creating her own vintage books from my tutorial found here. I am beyond excited so many of you have tried it and are enjoying my DIY's as well as other tips for decorating on…

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DIY Pumpkins

DIY Pumpkins! Good Morning friends. Today, I have a really simple and yet so cute DIY project for you just in time for pumpkin season! Last weekend I was at the Dollar Tree because you know me always decorating on a budget. I went to check out what they had for fall decor in hopes I could find something to…

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DIY Vintage Books

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DIY Vintage Books Happpppppy hump day my friends! I hope your week is going well and just think you are half way there. You can do it! Today I’m sharing a super simple DIY tutorial for creating vintage books to decorate with in your home. Yes, you can find some old vintage books at antique shops and on ebay and…

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Photo Gallery Wall

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Wow what a week! Howdy buddies! How was your week? I bet many of you had kiddos that went back to school this week or next week. That sure is an exciting time for them. (and you, lol) I was exceptionally busy this week making back to school chalkboards for the little ones first day of school. I had ever…

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DIY Wood Wall Pocket

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DIY Wood Wall Pocket! TGIF, right! I mean wow, this past week has been so crazy busy. I had a ton of realtor orders along with custom orders and still have a few more to finish up. But I did do a little project for myself after dinner in the evenings that I will share with all of you, my…

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Bleaching Drop Cloth Curtains

How to bleach drop cloth curtains white! I am so excited that bleaching drop cloth's turned out so good I can finally share with you how I did it. Since we just finished our bedroom makeover that can be seen here I am so happy it is all finally done! First off as a reminder I did share the drop…

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Hiding your thermostat

My tip on hiding a thermostat Howdy howdy! I hope you are all doing well. This summer is just flying by and I am so in shock that we are heading into August very soon. Seriously where has the summer gone. My first granddaughter, Ava, is going to school this year and will be in 4K. She is so excited…

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Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Bedroom Makeover Reveal Hey friends. So many of you are anxiously waiting for the reveal of my (almost finished) bedroom. Finally we are back in the bedroom after having the carpet installed and cleaned. For those of you new to this bedroom project you can see all the days prior to this reveal right here: Day 1 Bedroom Makeover All the…

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Day 4 Bedroom Makeover Project Day

Day 4 Bedroom Makeover Projects Oh friends, I made such great progress this past week-end on the bedroom makeover. For those of you that missed the first 3 days here they are: ~Day 1 bedroom makeover here you will see all the BEFORE photos! ~Day 2 bedroom makeover ~Day 3 Bedroom Makeover Antique Chair got a face lift! When I left…

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Day 3 Bedroom Makeover

Day 3 Bedroom Makeover Hey friends, just a quick post updating you on the progress of our bedroom makeover. For those of you that are new you can catch up on earlier posts here: Day 1 bedroom makeover Day 2 bedroom makeover Carpet is installed! We did have a carpet installer come last week and I highly recommend him. He…

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Day 2 Bedroom Makeover

Day 2 Bedroom Makeover I am just all giddy over here because I love fresh paint! On day 2 of the makeover I did get the room painted and it looks AMAZING already. So bright and warm. Bye Bye Blue! If you missed Day 1 head on over to this blog post "Day 1 Bedroom Makeover" To refresh your memory, here…

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More window treatments and tip on where to buy flowers

Where to buy gorgeous inexpensive flowers! If you are like me this time of year I love buying hanging baskets and pots of fresh flowers to set around my yard and deck. Each year I usually buy from Home Depot or Menards and even Fleetfarm. They seem to have the best prices and a decent selection. This year hubs had…

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Decorating with Crates

Welcome to my new site! Happy Monday friends and welcome to my new site! I have been working so hard moving my site and blog all to one location. It is a whole new platform which I needed to learn but I think I finally understand it enough so here we are! Yay! Many of you have now been redirected…

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Updated Chandelier

Updated Chandelier April 6th and it was snowing this morning here in Wisconsin. I am so ready for spring and hope it comes soon. In the meantime hubs and I continue to do small fixer upper projects in our home while it is still to cold to do projects outside. So as I shared our kitchen makeover with you last week…

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Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen Makeover Hey friends, thank you for following me as I moved my blog onto this new platform! If you want first hand of all the goodies I plan on sharing please sign up HERE to our newsletter so you don't miss a thing! You will also receive a free printable designed by me! As many of you know hubs…

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